Yunus Centre Social Fiction Design Competition – 2023



The Yunus Centre plays the role of a chief host in this social fiction design competition for young creators. The competition is open to students and young people from all nationalities and is focused on imagining the life of a young person in the world of 2050.



About Yunus Centre Competition

It will interest you to know that in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Yunus Centre remain a think point for issues related to social business, working in the field of poverty alleviation and sustainability. Moreover, this competition is solely targeted at preaching and as well circulating Professor Yunus’ philosophical ideologies, just with a unique interest on social business'[1] and currently chaired by Prof.

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Furthermore, the winning entry will receive a cash prize worth of $10,000. You are to consider that this competition is a global platform that encourages Social Fiction of a world free of social and environmental injustices that plague the communities. And it all starts with imagination!



Reward and Aim of Yunus Centre Competition

Just as we all know, what triggers the people towards social activities remains the basic target of an agency and the benefits it tends to offer to its participants. In that case, we had stated above that any participant who emerges as the best social fiction write-up will automatically stand a chance to win USD 10,000



Requirements for you to Partake in Yunus Centre Competition:

Below are the need requirements for you to partake in Yunus Centre Competition

  • All ages can apply for this competition .
  • All nationalities can as well apply for Yunus Centre fiction competion.



Note This: This Yunus Competition is open for all. Therefore, no particular region is to claim its eligibility



How to Apply for the Yunus Centre Competition

For you to apply for the competition, applicants must be sure to write a social fiction piece in 1000-5000 words, taking readers on a tour of the fictional world of 2050.



Nevertheless, this  piece in question should address one or more social and environmental focus areas, such as climate change, micro-credit, agriculture, technology and innovation, transport, literature, music, waste, circular economy, tourism, WASH, employment, sports, health, and well-being.



In addition, Participants are also advised to describe how key players in government, corporate houses, educational institutions, local businesses, and community members are contributing to this new world.



Interested applicants are advised to find more information and subsequently apply on the Yunus Centre on



Also Note: Before filling up the form, please go through our FAQ section in this link:



And you can also do well to visit their official website for more details about this competition and other related opportunities


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