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If you’re searching for the best paying jobs in energy industry, you’re in the right place. The fact that there are many options to choose from is an understatement. Why? Because the energy industry is much larger than you think.

There are many opportunities in various niches, including oil and gas renewable energy, green construction, and much more. Additionally, it requires many experts to ensure the business is going forward.

Is the field of energy a viable career choice? Many would agree. If you’re looking for a reason, join us to examine environmental and energy jobs closely.

What are the Best Paying Jobs Energy?

Before diving into the most lucrative jobs in the energy sector, Let’s discuss what an energy job is. Technically, every job that aids in the distribution and collection of energy may count for energy jobs, including those in oil and gas power generation, renewable energy, and many more.

The renewable energy industry is expanding rapidly. Why? Because people are concerned about climate change and green energy may reduce it.

But this industry of oil and natural gas isn’t disappearing. Although many want to leave it, that will take some time. Electric cars are only beginning to gain popularity, and that’s only one aspect of the overall picture.

There are various options if you’re interested in jobs in the energy industry. The field covers a variety of different fields, which means you can pick a suitable strategy for your needs.

In addition, you don’t necessarily need a Bachelor’s degree to start your career. Whether a college-bound student, you’ll find opportunities in the energy sector.

Top 20 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

If you’re thinking, “What do energy jobs pay?” We’ve got you covered. We’ll take a look at the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector.

1. Civil Engineer

Although it’s not the only choice, Some civil engineers concentrate their careers on green construction and renewable energy sectors. Civil engineers are involved in designing, planning, and overseeing project progress in these jobs.

To become a civil engineer, you’ll need an associate’s degree. Once you’ve completed this, earning about $87,060 per year is typical. But, some earn more than $144,560.

2. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

If you’re in search of entry-level jobs in the field of environmental science and are willing to do some heavy lifting, then becoming a solar photovoltaic technician could be a good option. They install solar panels and other equipment on structures, allowing them to convert sunlight into usable energy.

In contrast to the majority of jobs in this listing, you do not require a college degree to get this job. Instead, on-the-job education or a vocational course can generally suffice. You’ll likely earn around $40,000 per year when you’ve completed that.

3. Petroleum Engineer

The country today depends heavily on oil. This is why petroleum engineers are highly sought-after and help companies to create and implement natural gas and oil extraction techniques that are more efficient and efficient.

It is generally required to complete a bachelor’s degree to work in this area. When you’ve got this, you’re making 137,720 annually, which is easily one of the highest-paying jobs in the energy field.

4. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are essential in the field of energy. In some instances, they aid companies in lessening their environmental impacts while generating resources. In other instances, they try to identify ways of reducing or eliminating pollution-related hazards to the environment, such as pollutants.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree is necessary to start your career pathway. If you have a bachelor’s degree completed, you’ll likely earn around seventy-one thousand dollars per year.

5. Financial Analyst

Another job is available in a variety of fields. If you’d like to join the green movement and have an affinity to count, this job is a great fit.

We’ve delved deep into the job description of a financial analyst previously. However, if you’re seeking a brief outline, many individuals in this type of work with financial information to aid in making decisions and planning and ensuring the company’s strategies are in line.

The typical financial analyst can earn around $81,590 a year. However, the top 10% have a salary of more than $156,150, which shows how much this profession can take you.

6. Electrical Power-Line Installer

Another option for those who would prefer to learn at work or go to a trade school makes it one of the top environmental jobs for entry-level electricians. They ensure that electricity can get to the right place.

The work is quite hazardous, but you shouldn’t be scared of heights when you choose to work in this area. However, it’s also an extremely rewarding profession that lets you be a major part of maintaining the lights on for thousands of people.

There’s also a good possibility that you’ll make around $65,700 annually. If you work hard enough, you could be in the top 10% of the highest-earning earners earning more than $13,500.

Jeff’s Tips: If you’re looking for a job that pays you as you learn, it could be the perfect alternative. Apprenticeship is how many people begin the electrical line installation job and usually receive a paycheck.

7. Geoscientist as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

A different scientific function that can be vital in the energy sector is that geoscientists are experts on the physical aspects of Earth. They are aware of how certain activities impact aspects like the ground’s stability, making them essential in areas such as natural gas and oil that are safe for extraction.

It’s necessary to earn a Bachelor’s Degree to begin your career in this area. In this field, earning around $92,040 is fairly typical.

8. Oil and Gas Service Unit Operators

A combination of repair and machine operator technicians Service technicians for oil and gas unit operators work to ensure that natural gas is flowing from wells properly. They could adjust the extraction equipment, tackle any obstructions within the pipeline, and carry out similar tasks to ensure that production is in line with the target.

If you opt for this path, you could get around $46,740 from many instances. But the top 10% earn more than $77,850, which means there’s plenty of potential for growth in this field.

9. Wind Turbine Technician as one o the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Another renewable energy job is technicians for wind turbines install, examine, maintain or repair wind turbines. It’s an excellent alternative for job seekers with mechanical skills who don’t fear high places and are interested in a vocational course.

When you’ve finished your education, you can earn a yearly income that is around $52,910 on average. But the top 10% have more than $80,150, which is pretty impressive.

10. Hazardous Materials Removal Specialist

Certain processes that produce energy are a bit… complicated. Specialists in removing hazardous materials are trained to safely handle or dispose of hazardous substances, contaminated soil, and much more.

Occasionally, hazardous materials removal specialists learn their trade by working on the job or via vocational training programs. As they develop their skills, they typically start earning between $40,000 per year.

11. Derrick Operator as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

In the oil and gas industry, derrick operators are vital to numerous drilling operations. They operate on oil rigs, ensuring that derricks are placed, maintained, operated, and fixed.

For their skills, derrick operators typically get annual pay of $46,140. The highest 10 percent earn over $64,460. This isn’t very impressive.

12. Power Plant Operator as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Power plant operators are accountable for the systems that generate and distribute electric power. Based on the power source and the source of power, these could be jobs in renewable energy. However, they’re not all.

Through some on-the-job training, you could earn an annual salary of around $85,950 as an operator of power plants. If you’re lucky, you can even make $117,130, making it one of the most lucrative jobs in the energy field that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

13. Land Acquisition Specialist as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

If you’re searching for jobs in environmental science that aren’t academic, then securing a job as a land acquisition specialist could be the right choice. They design and execute designs for wind-energy projects. They also secure construction permits for development and assist with leases or purchases of land.

It is usually the completion of a Bachelor’s degree to go towards this path. An expert in land acquisition typically earns about $637,000 annually.

14. Project Manager

Project managers are required in virtually every field. This means that you could make this one of the most exciting jobs in the environment if you decide to concentrate on this area.

We’ve delved deep into this Job description for a Project Manager prior. If you’re looking for a summary, the basic idea of the job description is coordination and overseeing large-scale projects, including the launch of a brand renewable solar power plant.

Project managers typically earn around $138,967 per year. Some earn more than $170,680. Wow, right?

15. Crane Operator as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

When installing wind turbines, crane operators are essential for businesses. 5 This is an energy-related job renewable because wind turbines can be enormous. They aren’t able to be carried by humans to move them. You’ll need heavy equipment to move many of their components.

There are many ways to say that being a crane operator is among the easiest job openings in environmental work. After you’ve been trained on how to use the cranes, you’re ready to start. In addition, you’ll typically make around $56,690 per year, but some earn more than $91,840.

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16. Materials Scientist as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Another job that could be a renewable energy job should you choose to do the same route is materials science. They use their understanding of the chemical structure and characteristics to develop new products. In the green energy sector, it could be the case that they develop innovative solar panel designs, new semiconductors, or composites that are superior to existing versions available in the market.

If you’re looking to get started in this industry, you’ll require at least a bachelor’s degree. If you have that degree, you’ll soon make an average of $96,810 yearly.

17. Glazier as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

If you’re looking for a unique method to begin a green career, making a career as a glazier is a perfect choice. Most solar panels are coated in glass or similar substances to protect the surface of photovoltaic cells. What is the best way to apply those covers? Glaziers, of course.

There is no need for a college qualification to become a glazier. That’s why it’s an entry-level job for those who wish to explore a route less explored. In addition, earning 44,000 – $44,630 per year is quite common. Moreover, you could climb the ladder and earn an additional $83,780.

18. Software Developer as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Customized software is an essential requirement for many energy activities. It permits perfect tuning of power plant operation, solar panel functions, wind turbine energy storage, and many more.

If you’re considering earning a bachelor’s degree and concentrating on your career as a software developer in this field, you might get a job in one of the top job opportunities in energy. Earning $107,510 per year is fairly common, and some software developers may surpass the $164,590.

19. Electronics Engineers as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Each energy source relies on electronics. It doesn’t matter if it’s the machinery of power plants, the solar components panels, or any other component within that field; electronic engineers ensure that each component is properly installed and functioning.

The majority of electronics engineers hold Bachelor’s degrees. When they complete their studies, they earn about $11,250.

20. Sales Engineers as one of the Best Paying Energy Jobs 

Many renewable energy producers depend upon sales professionals to obtain new projects. Sales professionals can help sell sophisticated technological and scientific items, allowing them to tailor solutions to meet a customer’s needs, like a solar energy system for a huge corporate or industrial structure.

Usually, you’ll require the ability to sell and know-how about products. It’s not uncommon for sales engineers to hold Bachelor’s degrees in fields relevant to their area of expertise. When you’ve acquired the necessary knowledge, earning $103,900 can be your average. However, you could climb the ladder, reaching $174,270 in your career.

Putting It All Together for Best Paying Energy Jobs 

The positions listed above could be considered the highest-paying jobs in the energy field. Take a look and see if any catch your eye and if yes, you think about taking it on as a career.

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