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Thinking of what Terry Foundation Scholarship is all about? Mr. Terry was a successful business man in Houston with his business cutting across different field, ranging from banking to oil and gas.

Houston the beautiful city was where Nancy and Mr. Terry resided for a long time. It will interest you to know that in the year 1986, something good emerged for the young people.

Remember, we are talking about the Terry Foundation Scholarship.

However, the Terry family wake up and make up their mind to assist the young people   to help themselves by setting up an educational foundation.

As you may know, only genuine people reciprocate kind gestures.

Mr. Terry had always been grateful for the financial assistance he earned that enabled him to go to college, so the family decided to dedicate their time and resources to brightening the future generations of young people in Texas this same opportunity Mr. Terry enjoyed.

Thinking of who can get the offer, the Terry Foundation Scholarship is made available to traditional first-time freshman who graduate from Texas high schools. We humbly advice you see the eligibility section below for more and accurate information.

Furthermore, it’s pertinent you note that funding for the Terry Foundation Scholarship at Texas A&M is made available by the Terry Foundation.

Certainly I guess you would be yearning for more information about the Terry Foundation, please do visit the Terry Foundation here: Official Website



Eligibility for Terry Foundation Scholarship Program

You must know that for one to be considered into the Terry Foundation, you must meet the under listed conditions:

  • An applicant must be admitted by January 31 as an incoming freshman to Texas A&M University-College Station for the fall semester after high school graduation
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  • You must attend a Texas high school or home school in Texas
  • Have strong academic abilities shown through your high school performance.
  • Must have a record of leadership in your school and community
  • Demonstrate financial need by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation and a high school transcript.*

More so, there will be an undeniable request of the above item especially for those who are being reviewed by the Texas A&M University Terry Scholarship Review Committee and will not be accepted before they are requested.


Additionally, request for these items is not a guarantee or does NOT mean that you will be forwarded to the Terry Foundation for an interview.

Nevertheless, for your eligibility maintained once awarded the Terry Scholarship, the following condition below must be met:

  • Winners must submit the FAFSA each year.
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPR and 2.0 semester GPR
  • Attend the Terry Scholars Orientation in August
  • Attend the Terry Banquet in October
  • Attend the Terry Picnic in April/May
  • Live in Hobby Hall in the Terry Scholars Cluster your first year (unless you are in the Corps of Cadets)
  • Enroll-full time each semester (minimum 12 hours) at Texas A&M in face-to-face courses
  • Participate in a designated First Year Experience Course and mentor program through the Terry Scholars Organization  during your first year at A&M

Note this: we advice that you refer to the Terry Scholar Handbook for the most up to date information that could change your life to good.
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To shun intense emotional worry and high expectation over if you might be eligible to apply for and/or receive the Terry Scholarship, please visit our



Terry Foundation Scholarship Duration

Also note, the Terry Foundation Scholarship covers a period of four years, and that is for the completion of the student’s first undergraduate degree, pending completion of all that is required as stated above, including maintaining good academic and participation standing.



How to Apply for Terry Foundation Scholarship

For you to apply for the Terry Scholarship program, you need to complete the Apply Texas Application  for freshman admission.



Scholarship Application Deadline

 It’s important to know the deadline for any scholarship application. The deadline mapped out for submission of application by Terry Scholarship is December 1.

You can as well check the Common App  here to apply


We therefore humbly advice you to complete the admissions portion of the application first alongside with the scholarship portion of the application.


Moreover, for you to be eligible for this Scholarship, it must be a sure deal that you complete all questions and essays on the application for admissions and scholarships and submit both when complete.

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