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Suppose you are a student searching for ways to ease your educational and financial needs. then, the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship



The Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship is open for applicants in high school. The Oberkotter Family fund is awarded annually, and the prize is $3,500, which can be used in post-secondary schools in the United States to cover educational expenses.




To recognize high school students committed to using education to better their lives and their families.

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Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship

The $3,500 Oberkotter Family Scholarship is designed to help high school students pay for their education. This Scholarship is funded by corporate, private, and commercial donations and is awarded to a student in every state in the U.S. every year. It is not based on financial need or strict academic merit.

Benefits of the Oberkotter Family Scholarship

The Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship provides money for students who might otherwise not have been able to afford college. It also gives students a head start on their education and allows them to get an education they might not have been able to afford otherwise. The Scholarship can be used for anything from books, supplies, and tuition to travel expenses and even rent for dorms.

Winners of the Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship can reapply for further scholarship funding every year in post-secondary school and are also eligible for a four-year college or university scholarship.

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  • To qualify for this scholarship opportunity, each applicant must be on track to graduate from high school and enroll in a post-secondary educational institution in the fall of their senior year.
  • The applicant must provide a high school transcript or other official documents.
  • Eligible students must demonstrate strong moral and ethical character.
  • Check here for more information on eligible students

Who can apply for this Scholarship?

Eligible applicants of the Oberkotter Family Scholarship include full-time high school seniors currently attending the following schools:

  • Fall Mountain Regional High School
  • Kearsarge Regional High School (N.H.)
  • Kimball Union Academy (N.H.)
  • Mid-Vermont Christian School (V.T.),
  • Mount Royal Academy (N.H.),
  • Newport Middle High School (N.H.),
  • Stevens High School (N.H.),
  • Lebanon High School (N.H.),
  • Mascoma Valley Regional High School (N.H.),
  • Windsor High School (V.T.),
  • Proctor Academy (N.H.)
  • The Block Island School (R.I.),
  • Claremont Christian Academy (N.H.),
  • Hartford High School (V.T.),
  • Springfield High School (V.T.),
  • Sunapee High School (N.H.),
  • Hanover High School (N.H.)

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Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline

Applications submitted by February 1 will receive notification of the Board’s decision by the end of April.

Students awarded the Scholarship in April must submit the required Financial Aid Office/Bursar Office Information before June 1.

In conclusion, the $3500 Oberkotter Family Scholarship is an excellent opportunity to get financial assistance for your education.


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