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Are you worried that getting your master’s in another country is costly? Take a look at the scholarships for Master’s Degrees listed below to assist you in saving money while you achieve that degree you’ve wanted for a long time.



President’s Tuition Awards for International Students in France is part of Scholarships for Master’s Degrees. It is available to those looking to improve their managerial knowledge and skills to increase their chances of obtaining employment.


It’s the international master’s degree program at the ESSCA School of Management in France, submitting an application for the president’s Tuition Awards for the academic period 2022-2023. The award is worth 5,500 euros and is awarded based on academic accomplishments.

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About the ESSCA:

The school, which ranks 115th nationally, is a French-founded Grande Ecole and a business college aiming to create and educate competent, responsible managers and entrepreneurs.

Why should you choose the ESSCA School of Management?

The school focuses on developing teaching innovations and helps professors use its techniques and research in their education.

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1. Grattan International Scholarships in Ireland

The award program is an excellent option to manage the finances of highly skilled students who want to pursue postgraduate education. Grattan International scholarships located at Trinity College Dublin are open to any eligible applicants interested in pursuing a master’s in the school of philosophy and social science.



It is completely paid for and includes tuition, a monthly stipend of $20,000 for four years, and other benefits. The scholarship helps students be future academic leaders by providing exceptional teaching experiences, top-quality research, and many others.

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About the University of Dublin:

The University of Dublin, known as the oldest Irish University, was established in 1592. It was fashioned following a well-established collegiate institution. It has one college, Trinity College Dublin.

Why should you study at Trinity College Dublin:

It is famous for high-quality teaching and learning skills. This is supported by outstanding assistance, adhering to internationally-set standards in all its actions.

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2. GREAT Scholarships for International Students at University of Edinburgh, UK

It’s also one of the Scholarships for a Master’s Degree, and this scholarship is in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and the British Council’s UK Study Campaign. The scholarship is available to students from all over the world. MSc students are from China, India, Turkey, and Mexico. The scholarship includes the tuition fee deduction of PS10,000 during the school year.

About the Edinburgh University. Edinburgh:

It is Scotland’s 6th longest-running University in Scotland and is also among the top universities around the world. The University is ranked 4th in the UK and 22nd in the world in the QS for 2021. The University of Edinburgh aims to produce knowledge, disseminate it, and provide it to its students.

Why do you want to study at the University of Edinburgh?

The University ensures that students acquire the practical knowledge of their chosen field and are allowed to work alongside professionals in their area of expertise. An assortment of independent studies and tutorials, lectures as well as other activities that the expert faculty of the institution provide is what the University of Edinburgh uses to ensure the quality of teaching.

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3. The School of Chemical and Process Engineering International Masters Excellence Scholarships, UK

The scholarship application is open to any UK and international students who want to pursue an MSc program. The scholarship program is available at the department of process and chemical engineering, located at the Leeds University of Leeds. Students with academic credentials are qualified to apply for this scholarship. The awarded scholarship is worth a sum of PS5,000.

About the University of Leeds

The University of Leeds was established in 1874 and is among the most prominent universities of its kind in the UK. The school is ranked 92nd on the QS Global Ranking and aims to significantly impact the world’s business community by being a leader in research and teaching.

Why do you want to study in Leeds at the University of Leeds for Master’s Degree Program?

The University is an institution that is known with a reputation for excellence in research and teaching. It believes in the power of research and education that help build the future of humanity by working together to combat inequality to bring about societal influence and transformation.

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4. RMIT University Masters International Scholarships in Combustion Kinetics Measurements of Hydrogen Carrier Fuels, Australia

The scholarship is open to those who want to receive a master’s degree. International Award in the combustion Kinetics measurements of Hydrogen Carrier fuels using gas dynamic shock waves from RMIT University. RMIT University. The scholarship is available to students from both countries who want to earn this degree.

The RMIT Scholarship will pay an annual stipend of $32,841 for two years to applicants who receive the award.

About the RMIT University:

It is an Australian-based public research university located in Melbourne rated five-star in areas such as education, teaching, employability, creativity, facilities, internationalization, participation, and specialization.



What are the benefits of studying at RMIT University? Students who attend this institution live a meaningful life because of the development of critical thinking that, in turn, leads to professional achievement. RMIT University offers an exceptional education that allows you to impact the world.


5. Fulbright Awards for USA Students at University of Kent, UK

The application is now available to USA students at the University of Kent for the Fulbright Awards for obtaining an advanced degree. This is a private research university located in Kent, England, with a semi-collegial academic structure. It is a world-renowned institution known for its media and communication studies (Journalism) as well as psychology and law.



The successful applicants will be offered the International tuition cost and a maintenance charge from the University with a portion of general expenses (travel accommodation, subsistence, and so on. ) during their stay living in the UK.

Why do you want to study Master’s Degree Program? University of Kent

The University provides an educational service that allows students to locate jobs anyplace within the planet. Students are offered numerous opportunities to develop their skills and prepare for a successful career. The University provides internationally acknowledged degrees and exciting employment opportunities.

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6. GREAT Scholarships for International Students at Oxford Brookes University in the UK

The scholarship program is open at Oxford Brookes University to international students. The program aims to help those of Egypt and Nepal and those whose circumstances may make it difficult for them to pursue an education in a foreign country.


Oxford Brookes University will award all selected candidates PS10,000 to support the master’s program. The award will be used to fund costs for studying.

About Oxford Brookes University:

masters degree program

The University is home to four faculties spread across four campuses. It is listed as one of the top universities worldwide and is among the top UK modern universities, covering sixteen subjects and four subjects. It is a national, local, and international recognition.

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What are the benefits of studying at Oxford Brookes University: The Oxford Brookes University offers a wide range of chances for undergraduates to build abilities to prepare for a successful career. Students have the opportunity to get a top-quality education in research and entrepreneurial training to prepare them to take on responsibilities.

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7. School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences Scholarships in the UK

The University of Reading is honored to announce the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences Scholarships for international students looking to earn a master’s.



Successful students are awarded a reduction in tuition of PS4,000 in exchange for an award to the master’s program within the college of clinical and psychology through the University of reading.

About the University of Reading:

It is among the most prestigious universities in the UK in higher education. It has been among the best for more than 100 years and has become educational pioneers and innovators in pushing the boundaries of academics and influencing the way in social transformation. Reading the University of Reading is ranked 29th out of the best 30 universities in the UK, with more than 23,000 students from 160 nations.

Why should you study with us at the University of Reading for Master’s Degree Program

The University is equipped with everything a student requires to create a bright future. The university environment is vibrant and dynamic, where you can learn from and collaborate in a research lab that is internally recognized and teachers who teaches students to think differently.



8. Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students at Yunnan Normal University, China

If you want to earn an award for a master’s degree in China, you may apply for the Chinese government scholarship program at Yunnan Normal University. This full-time award is open to highly motivated and talented students pursuing an advanced masters or doctoral program at Yunnan Normal University.

About the University of Yunnan Normal University:

The University, founded in 1938, is essential in Yunnan Province, with an impressive history and tradition.

It is home to numerous research institutes and research centers at the ministerial, national or provincial levels, such as the National Solar-heater Quality Testing Center and the Sino-British Solar-energy Research and Development Center. It is comprised of 26 schools as well as more than 40 research institutes and research centers. The University is home to more than thirty thousand full-time students studying for degrees and over 18,000 students in continuing education.

Why should you study at Yunnan Normal University for Master’s Degree Program

The University has ten faculties covering literature, law, history, philosophy, engineering, education, management sciences, economics, and arts. These are well-coordinated in their growth.



Yunnan Normal University will provide an All-China scholarship to all students accepted. The scholarship will be used to cover the following:


  • Dormitory accommodation
  • Living allowance for the month:
  • Master’s students CNY3000 per month
  • Doctoral students: CNY3500 per month
  • Students of the Bachelor’s program: CNY2500 per month
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme designed for international Students located in China.



9. Technopolis UK Masters Scholarships at University of Sussex, UK

The University of Sussex has come together with Technopolis UK to help fund four students’ master’s degree studies through the aid of the Technopolis UK Masters scholarship. It is exclusive to Black British applicants with a tuition fee reduction of the equivalent of PS3000 for eligible students.

About the University of Sussex:

It is a research-based public institution conducting quality research that tackles real-world problems, pressing global policies and business practices. We also train the next generation of leaders who promote innovative and critical thinking.

Why should you study at Sussex University for Master’s Degree Program? University of Sussex:

The University is a place that gives students a chance to impact the world. It is known worldwide for bringing together top academics from various disciplines using an approach that produces effective and lasting results.

Students study with the UK’s top universities and professors who are at the forefront of their fields.

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Conclusion for the Master’s Degree Program 

The Scholarships for Master’s Degree program compiles a list of scholarships you can apply for master’s degrees abroad. Take your time to read this blog and then follow the process of applying.


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