Belgium Best Scholarships for International Students

Belgium scholarships for international students around the world that many people don’t know about. For international students in Belgium, these scholarships are mostly for students from developing countries.

The Belgian government offers scholarships to international students who wish to continue their studies in Belgium to develop and strengthen cooperation. You would like to know that Belgium universities are included in the list of top 100 World University Scholarship Programs for International Students.


Why Study in Belgium

You may be wondering why you should study in Belgium? There are many reasons to study in Belgium, but one important reason is that there are world-renowned universities in Belgium. Many universities in Belgium have a strong international structure and content, and their strong position in the international rankings is another reason for choosing Belgium for your place of study.

In Belgium, higher education is divided into two main language communities: Flemish (Dutch) and French. The official language of Belgium is German, but it is less widely spoken.

Scholarships for International Students at Belgian Universities

The Belgian government offers scholarships to international students from developing countries to study in Belgium. The various scholarship programs and universities are listed below:

VLIR-UOS Education and Masters Scholarships

The College (VLIR-UOS) offers postgraduate or postgraduate scholarships to students from selected developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, with the aim of developing universities in Belgium. Scholarships offered by this institution include the following costs; Tuition, housing, stipend, travel, and other expenses associated with the program.

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Flanders Government Mastermind Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship program is relatively new and is offered by the Flanders Government. These are Mastermind Grants to Stimulate the Internationalization of Flemish Higher Education. The total number of Master Mind Scholarships is approximately 35, and this scholarship is limited to eminent Masters students from all over the world. The scholarship amount for the academic year is 7,500 Euro. However, the Flemish Host Institute requires the applicant to pay a maximum tuition fee of 100 Euro per year.

Science at Leuven Scholarships for International Students

The scholarship is provided for the purpose of encouraging and motivating talented international students who wish to participate in the International Masters Program of the KU Luan Faculty of Science. A successful applicant will receive a range of benefits up to a total of € 10,000 for 1 year. Grant coverage includes: 1 year tuition, insurance coverage, and basic health insurance.

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Complementary Scholarships for Developing Countries, Ghent University

Ghent University offers complementary scholarships for developing countries. These scholarships are usually offered to applicants from all OECO-DAC listed countries if they wish to continue their studies; Postgraduate degree from the University of Ghent. The supplementary benefit includes a pension of € 1,000 per month and full insurance.

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Liege Heritage Foundation Scholarships for International Students

Liege is a university in Belgium that offers scholarships to EU and non-EU students who wish to pursue a master’s or PhD degree from a university. The coverage of this scholarship will reduce tuition and other student expenses.

Institute Scholarships for International Students in Belgium

ARES Scholarships

Each year, approximately one hundred and fifty graduate students receive ARES Scholarships. In addition, they offer approximately 70 educational scholarships through courses to citizens of developing countries. Applicants must be from any developing country to be successful. Scholarship funds include the following expenses; International travel expenses, living allowance, tuition fees, insurance, housing allowance, etc.

Scholarships from the Belgian American Education Foundation

B.A.E.F. The so-called Belgian American Education Foundation accepts scholarship applications from both U.S. citizens and permanent residents. This opportunity is offered for further study or research during one academic year at a Belgian university or higher education institution. The number of scholarships offered by the B.A.E.F. 10 with a stipend of $ 28,000. $ 32,000 for undergraduate and / or postgraduate scholarships.

However, do visit this website to get more information and application modality.

All the universities and institutions mentioned above are proud and very popular. Belgium has a great learning environment when it comes to higher education.

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