Scholarship Opportunities in 2022/2023



Searching for Scholarship Opportunities on Certainly you will find series of latest scholarship opportunities ranging from Undergraduates, Masters, PhD and as well as Post Doctoral programs.

More so, the following opportunities are not left out and these includes local scholarships, scholarships for international students and on the long run the fully funded down to tuition waivers scholarships.

We advice you search below according to the scholarship categories.



 Scholarship Opportunities by Educational Level

This category being sum-up based on their educational level;

  • Masters Scholarships
  • Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Post graduate scholarships
  • PhD Scholarships
  • Post Doctoral Scholarships and
  • Diploma Programs

However, the above Scholarship Opportunities are categorized based on their educational level. Let’s scroll downward for more details.



 Scholarship Opportunities by their Study Destination

We are delighted to let you that the Scholarship Opportunities below are categorized based on their study destination and only the major ones are under listed here. We humbly advice you use the search box for some of your target destinations that are not listed here;

1, Africa:

  • All African Scholarships
  • Scholarships in South Africa
  • Scholarships in Nigeria
  • Scholarships in Ghana
  • Scholarships in Egypt and
  • Scholarships in Kenya

2, Australia:

3, Canada:

4, Asia:

  • Scholarships in Hong Kong
  • Scholarships in Japan
  • Scholarships in China
  • Scholarships in Korea
  • Scholarships in Singapore
  • All Asian Scholarships and
  • Scholarships in UAE

5, United States:

6, Europe:

  • Scholarships in Germany
  • Scholarships in UK
  • Scholarships in Netherlands
  • Scholarships in France
  • Scholarships in Italy
  • Scholarships in Ireland
  • Scholarships in Sweden and
  • All Europe Scholarships

 Scholarship Opportunities by Field of Study

It will interest you to know that you can as well search for scholarships by your field of study. Furthermore, this category is made up of scholarships based on your course of study;

  • Medical Scholarships (MBBS)
  • Science Scholarships
  • Law Scholarships
  • Engineering Scholarships
  • Humanity and Social Science Scholarships
  • Mathematics Scholarships

Business Administration Scholarships

  • Agricultural Science Scholarships and
  • Computer Scholarships

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Additionally, you owe yourself the chance to search for more or better still scroll below to catch up with our current list of update scholarships.

However, your satisfaction on your search for Scholarship Opportunities is our concern. Therefore we advice you stick with for your most up to date scholarship information.





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